DigiDecom 2019

Publisert: 22. January 2019

Halden in summer. Photo: Halden turist

Thank you to all participants for contributions to DigiDecom2019. We look forward to DigiDecom2020!

In preparation for DigiDecom2020, we would like to ask you to inform us about any major Conference/Workshop scheduled for May 2020 or early June 2020. The 4th annual DigiDecom© is foreseen to be held in Halden and we have already started to arrange a site visit at the Halden Reactor.
It is also foreseen that representatives of the SHARE project (StakeHolder-based Analysis of REsearch for Decommissioning under H2020-NFRP-2018-5 Coordination and Support Action) will join the workshop.


A growing shortage of skilled nuclear decommissioning specialists is foreseen in the upcoming decades, due to the rapidly increasing demand and low supply (resulting from social and political trends). The workshop will bring together a multidisciplinary group representing the professional community working on implementation and oversight of decommissioning for discussing opportunities and lessons learned from innovative methods for knowledge management, training and education in nuclear decommissioning.

PROGRAM (pdf) including workshop 18th of June

The workshop aims at taking advantage of technologies like storytelling, serious games, 3D simulation, digital twin, and virtual/augmented reality allowing the participants to:

  • Demonstrate technology, tools and methods
    Software and tech support will be provided by IFE
    Best demos will be rewarded!
  • Share interesting technical solutions
    Input will be provided for IFE beforehand
    Technical demos will be prepared in groups
    Selected demos will be rewarded!
  • Experience
    • Become immersed in 3D interactive virtual decommissioning sites: explore site, control equipment e.g. robotic/remote equipment, …
    • Be engaged in entertaining stories from our experience through serious gaming
    • Participate in virtual/augmented tour of our facilities

Rewards may include a gift pack, 2-year single-user license for the VRdose® tool (www.ife.no/vrdose), exemption from registration fee…


The workshop is held at Thon Hotel in Halden, Norway.
Information about the venue can be found at the Thon Hotel home page and at Visit Halden.

  • Organising committee (digidecom@ife.no):
    Katrine Fuglesang, Jannicke Margrethe Neeb, Réka Szőke, Jan Porsmyr, Joachim Bratteli
  • International advisors:
    Gloria Kwong (OECD NEA), Patrick Joseph O’Sullivan (IAEA), Vladimir Michal (IAEA), Ashok Ganesan (IAEA), Oszvald Glöckler (IAEA), Vladan Ljubenov (IAEA), Richard Reid (EPRI), John de Grosbois (indep. consultant)
  • Chairman: István Szőke, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway