DigiDECOM 2024

Publisert: 21. December 2023

DigiDECOM continues to be organized under IFE’s designation as an IAEA Collaborating Centre and is co-organized with the OECD NEA Halden HTO project and the Norwegian Nuclear Research Centre. All our previous other partners Amphos 21, IAEA, OECD NEA, VTT, FinNuclear, EPRI etc. expressed their intention to join us for the 2024 edition.

DigiDECOM 2024 has been scheduled November 12-15

The DigiDECOM 2024 conference will be organized in Norway, November 2024. More information will be provided by February 4 (2024)

The DigiDECOM Scientific Committee is pleased to announce that the Call for Abstract submission for DigiDECOM24 is extened till June 10 and welcomes submissions of abstracts for presentations under the theme of decommissioning, commissioning, maintenance and lifecycle management in the nuclear sector with a specific focus on application of AI, data and robotics for ensuring safety and increasing efficiency. Topics of interest include:

□ Role of AI, data and robotics in safety compliance

□ New initiatives and emerging technologies

□ Sustainability and circular economy

□ Risks, safety and security management

□ Application of AI, data and robotics in other safety-critical industries

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