DigiDECOM 2023

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Publisert: 27. April 2023

Earlybird tickets are now available for this year's event, read more about DigiDECOM 2023 and register by visiting the links in the related content menu.

These events are organized within the program related to IFE’s designation as an IAEA International Collaborating Centre. DigiDECOM connects a community of enthusiasts dedicated to transforming the way we approach sustainable decommissioning in nuclear and other safety-critical domains such as oil & gas, and brings together a close group of experts who enjoy sharing experiences and visions in open interactive sessions.

Over the years DigiDECOM has been the glue between:

  • research, regulator, and industry,
  •  several national and international projects,
  •  several likeminded organizations and experts who enjoy international collaboration,
  •  those offering innovative technology and those eager to put these into practice,
  •  the young generation and senior experts with key knowledge,
  •  those looking for a career and those in need of brilliant new colleagues.

Submit your abstract for DigiDecom 2023

The DigiDECOM Scientific Committee is pleased to invite you to submit an ABSTRACT for consideration. You can download the abstract template when registering or clicking this link.