Distribution agreement with Oncoinvent AS

Publisert: 27. February 2019

Illustrasjon: Oincoinvent AS

– This is an important agreement for us at IFE, as we want to be a preferred partner for the Norwegian early-stage environment in cancer research, and specifically in the field of radioactive drugs. We take on this distribution assignment with great respect for the responsibility that lies in securing cancer patients all over the world temporarily and predictably access to innovative treatment options with radioactive drugs, comments IFE Division Director Erik Flatmark, Radiopharmacy.

Radspherin® is a Radium-224 based drug that is under development and is expected to potentially treat several forms of metastatic cancer. – The agreement with IFE is an important part of our infrastructure, and allows us to offer patients to participate in the clinical trial program with access to Radspherin in a timely and predictable manner without geographical boundaries, Jan A. Alfheim, Oncoinvent’s CEO said.