Corona virus: Information to visitors at IFE

Publisert: 14. August 2020

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At IFE we monitor the situation closely and implement necessary measures to protect our employees, critical assets and deliveries. 

IFE has introduced the following guidelines for visitors and suppliers: 

  • IFE’s campus and premises are closed for visitors unless special agreements have been made. If you are unsure whether to come to IFE or notplease contact your IFE representative. 
  • If you have an appointment with IFEPlease do not to show up physically at IFE if you 1) have been in contact with someone who has the Covid-19 virus, or 2) have been in areas with widespread transmission for the past two weeks. 
  • All visitors must sign a self-declaration form providing necessary information.
  • Use of face mask is mandatory through at IFE’s areas, also when entering the reception areas at Kjeller and in Halden. Please wear a mask all areas outdoors and indoors, where you are unable to keep 2 meter distance to others.

IFE is contributing in the effort to combat the Corona virus pandemic:  

At IFE, we do everything we can to contribute to the national and international effort to stop the virus. We have implemented several measures in line with national authorities’ recommendations to limit the spread of the virus. This includes: 

  • Good good hand hygiene and coughing habits to reduce infection.  
  • Wash hands regularly and often, use available hand disinfectants.
  • Avoid hand greeting and keep a good distance between yourself and others during all work.  
  • At IFE we maintain 2 meter distance between people.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of cold or flu, or if you are ill.

IFE has introduced the “precautionary principle” for our employees when it comes to meetings, travel and working from home. All employees who can work from home may do so, upon agreement with their manager. All travel is restricted to a minimum. Whold meetings via video, Teams or phone as far as possible, or outside of our premises. 

The situation is evolving rapidly. Follow up to date information and recommendations from nationaand international health authorities such as Norwegian Institute of Public Health and World Health Organization 

IFE’s operations are considered critical to society according to the Norwegian Health Directorate’s criteria: 

The Norwegian Health Directorate’s emergency committee released a list of functions critical to society on March 12, 2020. Some parts of IFE’s operations are considered critical to society. IFE is responsible for ensuring the safety and radiation protection of nuclear facilities and upholding emergency preparedness. IFE Radiopharmacy is the national pharmacy for import, control and distribution of radiopharmaceutical cancer drugs to Norwegian hospitals. 

If you have further questions, please contact your IFE representative.  

Last update March 24 2021