Cutting-Edge SMR Simulator and Expert Services

Welcome to the forefront of nuclear energy innovation at IFE. We offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of Small Modular Reactor (SMR) operation.

Unraveling Human Factors

The design and operation of SMRs require careful consideration of Human Factors (HF) to ensure safe and efficient operation. This includes concepts of operation, staffing, and training, as well as considerations regarding the design of Human System Interfaces (HSI) and alarms, level of automation, automation transparency, and more.

At IFE, we specialize in conducting human factors studies (small-scale or comprehensive), including design, design evaluations, performance assessments, and scenario-based analyses.

Cutting-Edge SMR Simulator

Our advanced SMR simulator provides a platform for research, evaluation, and training. The Halden SMR Simulator (HSMR) provides unique and unmatched research capabilities. Unlike other simulators tethered to specific vendors, our facility offers independence, facilitating objective research crucial for advancing the field. Key features of the HSMR simulator include:

  • Flexible Simulation: Simulate 1 to 12 integrated pressurized water reactors (iPWR), with each unit operating independently but sharing a common electric system and ultimate heat sink.
  • Advanced Features: Advanced automation and state-based deviation detection and alarming for operational efficiency.
  • Customizable HSI Deployment: Empower operators with customizable Human System Interfaces (HSIs) across multiple screens, enabling operators to monitor and control all or specific subsets of units, whether locally or remotely over web.

Pioneering Research and Development

As pioneers in the field, we are committed to continuous development to meet the evolving needs of SMR technology. Our ongoing developments include:

  • State-of-the-Art HSI: A new HSI tailored for multi-unit SMR operation, emphasizing high level operator performance. The HSI is based on research in human-computer interaction and rapid perception display graphics, and our expertise in designing for a high level of situation awareness in nuclear applications. The design process is compliant with human-centered industry guidelines.
  • Digital Procedure Tool: A digital procedure tool supporting single and multi-unit operation, seamlessly integrating data from the HSMR simulator for enhanced automation and efficiency.

Comprehensive Support Services

In addition to our simulator capabilities, IFE offers a range of services, including:

  • Human Factors Studies
    Conduct realistic studies of control room operators’ and Teams’ behavior and performance in our laboratory environment (HAMMLAB).
  • Scenario Development
    Design scenarios for research and evaluation.
  • Performance Measurements
    Assess operator and team performance in various scenarios.
  • Situational Awareness Assessments
    Evaluate operator situational awareness.
  • Cognitive Workload Assessment
    Evaluate operator cognitive workload
  • Testing of Operational Concepts
    Test and validate operational concepts.
  • Integrated System Validation (ISV) Services
    Conduct performance-based tests to ensure that the integrated system design (i.e., hardware, software, and crew) meets performance requirements and supports safe plant operation.
  • SMR Control Room Systems Design
    Develop and evaluate prototypes for SMR control room systems. This includes user interfaces (HSI), alarm systems, computer-based procedures, and automation.
    Also, see our services related to ProcSee.
  • SMR Control Room Design
    Designing and evaluating conceptual and detailed SMR control room designs.
    Also, see our services related to CREATE.
  • Support tools for Operator Training
    Advanced tools to support instructors in providing efficient simulator training.
    See STEAMS.

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