Robotics and industrial safety

The RoboDecom project aims to provide cross-cutting solutions for safe and efficient management of our nuclear heritage based on robotic and digital technologies.

The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) has been central to the worlds research into safety of nuclear energy production. Norway’s nuclear reactors are now shut down permanently, but continue to serve research needs by offering real-life labs for developing new solutions for safe and efficient dismantling of historic nuclear facilities.

The RoboDecom project combines 70 years of nuclear experience at IFE with IFE’s expertise in safety-critical digital systems and additional know-how from SINTEF, as well as competence at three Norwegian companies, nLink, BergenRobotics, and MaritimeRobotics, and three international companies, Create Technologies Limited, TECNUBEL, and MAGICS, all working at the forefront of robotics technology development.

The technology this project contributes to will become a universal tool for increasing the safety and security of our future societies. RoboDecom will combine advanced technologies, including robotics, sensors, virtual and augmented reality, 3D radiological modelling, machine learning, human-machine interfaces, and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) into solutions that will radically change how we address situations where people normally had to enter hazardous areas.

RoboDecom will facilitate unmanned vehicles equipped with sensors and capabilities for remote and semi- or fully autonomous operation, to perform jobs currently done manually.

Szőke, István

Virtual and Augmented Reality,

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