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Øyvind Brandvoll

Senior Engineer
Experimental research engineer with 17 years experience working with high pressure systems for mainly petroleum and environmental applications.
Strongly involved in experimental campaigns within a range of topics: e.g well cement integrity in CO2 rich conditions, sour gas (CO2+H2S) interactions with reservoir rocks, generation and expulsion of hydrocarbons from source rocks at high P/T.
Main experience since 2013:
Applied Tracer Technology: numerous core-flooding tracer qualifications for petroleum applications (SOR, stability) using radiolabeled isotopes (3H, 14C), tracer testing for enhanced geothermal energy (>200°C) in batch and flow systems and studies of multiphase (oil, water, gas) tracer release rates.
Design and construction of the setups. Acquired useful applied skills such as mass spectrometry leakage detection using Helium/Hydrogen as trace gas.