Environmental Industrial Processes

The department for Environmental Industrial Processes focuses on novel methods for CO2 capture, hydrogen production and mineral processing. We contribute to more efficient use of energy and bio-resources by intensification of industrial processes. The methods we use include chemical characterization, controlled experiments from lab scale up to protype scale, and numerical modeling.

The Department focuses on research and development of new technology to reduce the environmental impact related to the production and utilization of energy.  It has active participation in several national and international networks and R&D forums (Hydrogen Europe Research, EERA, EMIRI, OREEC, etc.). Besides, the Department is a research partner in the FME “Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy, Bio4Fuels”. The major part of these research activities is supported by Norwegian and international industry partners, together with funding programs from the Research Council of Norway and the European Union.

Our vision is to

“Become a leading innovation actor in the field of environmental technologies for sustainable industrial and societal progress”.

Our mission is to

“Ideate, develop and transfer to society innovative technologies and knowledge for environmentally-sound growth”.

Our approach is to

“Provide ´any chemical engineering development that leads to a substantially smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient technology.’ The improvement is expected to be  substantial, as the benefits from the effort are expected to be game changing´”.
Process intensification by Stankiewicz and Moulijn (2000)

Research Areas

We conduct world-class research – ranging from fundamental research and development to the deployment of innovative technologies. Our activities include material and process technology development, design of experimental facilities from laboratory to prototype scale, experimental validation, process design, modeling and simulation, material characterization, as well as solids and gas analysis.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture
  • CO2 capture and use
  • Alternative processes for sustainable mineral and metal industry with CO2 use and/or capture
  • Bioenergy, biofuels and biochemicals production
  • Material development (CO2 sorbents, oxygen and energy carriers, multifunctional materials, use of low cost or low-value material streams into added value new materials).

Industry Partnerships and Business Opportunities

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Our people

Our team is composed of a complementary group of professionals, with a wide range of cultural and academic backgrounds, and balanced in gender and expertise fields within engineering and material science. All united by a common leitmotif, “We mind the future.”


Asunción Aranda – Department Head

Solveig Olstad – Department Coordinator

Julien Meyer – Senior Scientist

Antonio Oliveira – Scientist

Jean Patrick Pinheiro – Senior Engineer

Saima Sultana Kazi – Senior Engineer

Alex Nelson – Project Engineer

Marianne Umwiza Tofte – EU Project Controller


+47 936 24 893

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