Center for Advanced Sensor and Robotics Research

Center for Advanced Sensor and Robotics Research

The main purpose of CASRR is to develop advanced sensors and explore human-automation and human-robotics interactions from an applied research perspective.


The CASRR brings together research on sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence to develop innovative solutions for smarter, safer and better work environments. In particular, our goal is to examine interaction, teaming and collaborative possibilities between humans and advanced technologies in highly digital and complex environments.

CASRR provides facilities for two main purposes:

  • Design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing of high-precision sensors for harsh and/or safety-critical environments, and
  • Applied research into human-automation and human-robot interaction.

Established in 2019, the CASRR builds on 60+ years’ experience of instrument development for the nuclear industry, as well as 25+ years’ experience of human factors and human-technology interaction research across several domains. We are a multi-disciplinary group with backgrounds in electronic and mechanical engineers, human factors and cognitive psychology, computer science and machine learning. Our diversity enables us to take a holistic view and consider what the human needs to know about the machine, and what the machine needs to know about the human, in order to optimise the human-machine team.


Blackett, Claire

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